Church suits for women 2013

Women wear special dresses on their Sunday prayers as the day has not only religious but spiritual connotation attached with it.

h1437The church suits for women represent humbleness and their belief in their Almighty. The church suits represent purity, gratitude and their faith in resurrection of Christ. From times immemorial, women have had a special place for their church suits. Women have kept their nicest dress for their Sunday prayers and have taken a lot of care in keeping them intact with their colours and fabrics. This legacy has continued till date.

The relevance of church suits has grown with time. Women of all age groups want to dress up in their best outfit for their Sunday prayers. The regular online search for church suits for women and the curiosity of women to know the various types available for their church suits testify this fact.


The church suits for women are available in various colours, designs and styles. The fabric of the church suits also varies depending on the season in which they will be worn. Wool and wool blends are mainly used for winters and springs, while linen and other light fibres are used for church suits to be used in summers and autumn. Coming to the colours of the church suits, you can find them in plenty of colours ranging from solid colours like black, red, navy blue to lighter shades like light blue, pink, white and so on. Many a times you find them in two or more shades. Choosing the right colour of church suit depending on your skin tone is very important. But it is not that difficult as you can get many tips on that either at the departmental stores or at online stores selling church suits for women. For instance, a woman with dark complexion prefers wearing bright coloured church suits since they lighten their skin tone. On the other hand, a fair woman can go for light coloured church suits to get an elegant look and a bright coloured church suit to make her look classy and stylish.

However having said so much on colours of the church suit, it must be noted that all women must have one white church suit in their collection. The colour white stands for piousness, peace and a white church suit is best suited for the Sunday prayers and other church activities to have that divine connectivity with the Almighty. Also, you can wear white at any occasion including the informal ones with a little change in your outfit and accessories. For instance, you can change the colour of the blouse and wear it with a white skirt suit. The other advantage of having a white church suit for women is that you can wear it even when you are 80+ as the colour white is timeless.

Church suits are available mainly in three types: pant suits (with or without jacket), skirt suits and dress suits. So go for the one that best suits you. But remember to put on a church hat matching your church suit to get that perfect look.


Exclusive Sunday Suits For Women

Going for Sunday prayers is a big affair in our lives….what concerns us the most is our Sunday suits….every time we want to make our Sunday suit look the best…..but we might not be having so much to spend on our Sunday suit every time…..

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5430Sunday suits for women play a big role in the lives of women, irrespective of age. At earlier times, when our grandmothers and great grand mothers had only a couple of dresses, they would keep the best one as their Sunday suit. Although the dress code of the Sunday suits has undergone modifications, yet the semi formals for this occasion have always been in vogue. The best part with today’s Sunday suits for women is that their use is beyond the premises of church and you can easily wear them on informal occasions, with some changes in accessories.

For the young generation, there are various types of Sunday suits to meet their tastes. The first option is a formal pant with a formal shirt with a necklace, a pearl one preferably. A long top with a pant can also be the option, provided both are tight fitted. The second option is a flowing long skirt with a top and some nice high heels. The third option is a one piece full length floral printed dress.

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Fifth Sunday Hats

On the Fifth Sunday of Lent, many women dress up for church to a higher degree than they might at other times of the year. It is not unusual for women to wear their very best dresses and suits, along with their Fifth Sunday hats. A Fifth Sunday hat is an ornately decorated dress hat that is meant to be worn on special occasions. There are many different colors and styles of Fifth Sunday hats, and they make an interesting and elegant addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Fifth Sunday Hats are made from a variety of materials, including felt, straw, metallic fabric, wool, and fur, or any combination of these materials. Church hats, and Fifth Sunday Hats in particular, were a classic way of showing reverence hundreds of years ago during church services, and many women have continued this tradition. For church hats, there is no design that is too extravagant or no adornment that is too fancy, as the more colorful and elaborate the better.

Pillbox hats are the smaller variety of Fifth Sunday Hats, and they are often worn pinned to a woman’s hair to keep it in place. They are often worn at an angle rather than sitting straight on top of a woman’s head. Wool, felt, and metallic materials are adorned with feathers or veils for typical pillbox Fifth Sunday Hats. They are sometimes adorned with bows as well, or sometimes a jeweled brooch. Some pillbox hats are made of shiny material with a gauzy bow to add contrast to the texture and design of the hat. Pillbox hats come in every color, and they tend to be monochromatic. It is possible, however, to find some in more than one color, such as black and white, or a pattern that matches a lady’s suit.

Straw hats are the other most common types of Fifth Sunday Hats. Straw hats tend to be larger and floppier, but some styles are made without large brims. The straw may be a natural color adorned with a colorful ribbon and flowers, or the straw may be dyed to any color imaginable. The simplest straw hats have a ribbon around the brim with a bow or flower just off center of the front of the hat. The most elaborate hats feature satin trim around the brim, often embellished with rhinestones, in addition to a large, gauzy bow, or a bow and flower design that goes all the way around the hat. Then there are, of course, many hats that fall somewhere in between simple and extravagant, but each adds a touch of elegance, making them perfect for Fifth Sunday Hats.