2013 Church Hats – A fashion statement!!

h1207Church hats are making a comeback and they are creating a fashion statement. Church hats are used by women not only for visiting churches but on important weekly meetings including dinner parties and other similar occasions.

Church hats are easily available and you can find them in different colours and sizes. Sometimes, we find them in basic colours like red, black and white with large silhouettes, other times we find them with embellishments like those embedded with rhinestones.

The different types of church hats include:

1)      Fashion hats which can help you to create a style statement of your own while you are going for your weekend prayers. They are mainly available with plumages, customized flowers and silk ribbons.

2)      The cloche hats with high crown are available in animal prints and artistic bead works; they are the best attention drawers.

3)      Church hats for ladies, a true blend of contemporary and vintage style are an all time favourite. They are made of either fur or velvet with leafy ornamentations. The violet colour goes best with such hats as this particular colour epitomizes luxury and superiority.

4)      The other type of fashion hats are available mainly for religious gatherings and are adorned with delicate designs. They add on to one’s look that is trendy, yet sophisticated.

Now the very obvious question is where you find church hats…..

The easiest option is you can visit our website  and search for your church hat. With some online retailers, you can find a wide range of hats, with large stocks of church hats, but here, you can find the church hats with dresses and suits to have an entire outfit. Generally, you will find the pillbox (made of fur, wool, metallic fabric or satin with a bow design; they are smaller in size and are pinned with the hair to have a tight hold) and straw hats (in different colours with different kinds of adornments from flowers to bows to ribbons and alike) with us.h1361

However, if you are one of those who like to hop from one store to another, till you find your own stuff, then you need not get worried, as there are plenty of shops with quite a variety of church hats. The large number of departmental stores offers various options in hats specially to go with the dresses available at a particular store.

Interestingly, there are some shops which sell church hats only. They are known as millinery shops. The millinery shops are those shops which sell a wide range of church hats with the advantage that you can get it fitted according to your head size and you can also get it tailor made, with your own designs, adornments and your preference for colours. But these shops are not to be found in your immediate neighbourhood and are generally found in large cities.

Hope, the information here, can help you in getting your own church hat….create your own style statement with that special church hat….


2013 Church hats make your look complete

Church hats for women have always created uproar in the fashion industry of the West. Whether a girl in her teens or a woman in her 30’s or a woman in her late 50’s and above…everyone desires to have the best church hats in their closets. At older times, it was a tradition to wear church hats for Sunday prayers but many women wear them to their work places. Church hats not only give you a stylized look but they also define your personality and help you in maintaining your individuality.

Church hats worn with the church suits give us that much envied look which all women desire for. The point to remember here is that we should be able to choose the right church hat with our church dress. With your right church hat to complement your church suit, you are surely to turn many heads around.

h1393h1416Church hats for women have epitomized womanhood. In the early 20th century, black African American women, who were mainly employed as domestic helpers and for other menial jobs got a chance to get out of their dreary, boring outfit and put on something vibrant for their Sunday prayers; they would make their look gorgeous with a showy church hat. Elegant outfits with church hats also represented respect, faith and reverence for the Almighty. Church hats were also connected with status symbol of the women. The moment the women would start earning, they would start making their own collection of hats, as was mentioned by Audrey Easter, an owner of a boutique in the book “Crowns”, written by Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry. Easter and Mothers’ days are the two occasions when women bought church hats for themselves. Many women would spend as much as $100 to $1000 and above to buy a church hat, as reported by the “Times”.

Thus we see that church hats for women have been able to hold its importance in women’s life since the early 20th century. The recent trends show that church hats are here to remain and with wide variety of styles and designs, they will always hold that special place in the hearts of women.

One can find church hats at garment shops but chances are that you might not be able to find the best church hat for yourself. However, the millinery shops are good options as they provide you with customized church hats, depending on your choice of design, colour and adornments. But the problem with the millinery shops is that they are only to be found in the big cities.

However, you can always visit our online shop at our website where you can find church hats in variety of colours, designs and with myriad types of adornments. The best part of buying the church hats from here is that you can match your church hats with your church suits at our online store as we offer you both at huge discounts.

So here you go…..pick your church hat and be the centre of attraction….